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Game Day!

Wake up, put on our team colors, a big smile and a fiercely optimistic attitude. Even when we know the opposing team may kick our butts and rub our pom-poms­­­­­­­­­ in it…the winning attitude and passion for our team is undeniable. When it’s “helmet on, get in the game” time; nothing can keep us from wearing our hearts on our varsity-lettered sleeves.

Welcome to The Boost Team

Think of The Boost Team as your personal marketing department. The Boost Team is a hand picked, highly professional, super talented, results proven squad.


Most small businesses have basically the same marketing needs as a big business but lack the budget and experience. The Boost Team helps you fill the gap by providing high-level strategic thinking and creative executions at a fraction of the cost.


The Boost Team makes our marketing resources available to you ala carte. We’ve collected a mass array of contacts from the worlds of advertising, PR, web design, video production, event planners, business coaches and more. If you need something… anything; we either know it or know the right people to get it done exceptionally well.


Small business owners usually lack the time or manpower to cultivate the connections that can ultimately grow their business. Let The Boost Team be your man on the street by doing your networking FOR you and bringing the resources TO you!

Most of all, The Boost Team is here to back you up, cheer you on and watch your business BOOM!

Give me an R! Give me an O! Give me an I! ROI! Yay!

A New Way To Market

The Boost Team is a network of peers. We are a nimble and vibrant marketing eco-system that produces tangible results. Our unique structure produces a diversity of thought about the problem that often makes the solution rather unique.

Meet Linda

Creator. Connector. Cheerleader.

Your Team Captain, Linda Bray, is a professional social butterfly. When she’s not solving our clients’ problems, you’ll find her networking up and down the beaches and downtown St. Pete. She scours chamber events, association meetings, mixers and anywhere else she thinks she can find new and unique resources for her clients.

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We Have Amazing Partners

At The Boost Team, we believe in building and maintaining amazing relationships! Here are some of our partners we are always proud to do business with!

The Website Gurus

Amazing websites. SEO tactics. Growing your business online. Managing your online presence is incredibly important, but can be very complicated. Shoot to Thrill Media can help with all of your online needs.

The Graphic Design Wizard

Engine 29 is a convergent content idea studio that is an advertising and marketing think tank. We not only help our clients market their brands, we also help them create the brand itself.

It’s time for a Boost!

Marketing is 24/7/365 these days. It’s time to let The Boost Team manage and execute your marketing and promotion efforts. Get the Boost you need to succeed in 2017.

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